Value Added catalogs

Title Description Bibcode Catalog refs
Central velocity dispersion catalog of LAMOST-DR7 galaxies We present the first estimates of central velocity dispersion of ∼ 86 000 galaxies in LAMOST footprint. 2020MNRAS.498.5704N Catalog ReadMe Nicola R. Napolitano, Giuseppe D'Ago, et al., MNRAS, 2020, 498, 5704N, 2020MNRAS.498.5704N
Measure the distance and extinction for stars in LAMOST survey with Bayesian method Distance and extinction measurement for LAMOST DR7 data set using the method of Wang et al. (2016, MNRAS, 456, 672) 2016MNRAS.456..672W Download Wang, Jianling; Shi, Jianrong, et al., MNRAS, 2016, 456, 672 2016MNRAS.456.672W
M-subdwarf Research. I. Identification, Modified Classification System, and Sample Construction Applying the revised M subdwarf classification criteria defined in Zhang et al to LAMOST DR7, combining the M subdwarf sample from Savcheva et al, a new M subdwarf sample containing 3131 objects with available atmospheric parameters was constructed for further study. 2019ApJS.240.31Z Download Shuo Zhang, A-Li Luo, Georges Comte, et al., ApJS, 2019, 240, 31Z 2019ApJS.240.31Z